Apr 12, 2021
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Winter wedding dresses

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Winter wedding reminds a fairy tale, with a good prince and a beautiful princess. The bride stands for the princess at the wedding, of course. And the bride’s dress should also correspond a fabulous winter mood.

You can choose a variety of fabrics for winter wedding dresses. Here you will find velvet, brocade, taffeta, traditional wedding satin. One can count possible fabrics for a long time. As for the colors of dresses, here you can give free rein to your imagination. Whichever color you choose for your dress, it will look amazing against a background of white snow! In winter wedding dresses, fur trim is often used (collars, bodice). Such trim emphasizes the special style of winter wedding dresses.

Cape or bolero

Such details that complement the wedding dress, are made of fur or fabric. They represent heavily cropped jackets, sleeveless, but with rounded edges. Shoulders are usually closed and the neckline is bare.

Capes and boleros can be on fasteners or drawstring; you can choose the most appropriate to your dress.

Jacket or short coat

Fur jackets and short coats are often waist-length with sleeves. There are models with fasteners and without them.

Coat or fur coat

Suitable for cold winters, or if you plan a long walk on the street. Fur coats are sewn from either natural or an artificial fur.


This accessory is used to be made for real queens. In the warm muff, your hands will be protected from the cold, and do not become red from the cold.

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