May 1, 2021
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Velvet evening dresses

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Velvet fabric is soft and beautiful. Its peculiar feature is the ability to shimmer in the light. Therefore, a dress from velvet looks extremely impressive. Most often, this fabric is used for evening clothes sewing, but sometimes velvet is used for business dresses creating.

In comparison with casual fashion, the styles of evening velvet dresses are more diverse. These models can have different lengths, often a combination of velvet with other fabrics is used. Especially the combination of velvet and lace looks great.

Velvet looks gorgeous in almost any color. But since this fabric has long been considered precious, most often, velvet repeats the colors of precious stones. Velvet dresses of sapphire, amethyst, emerald, ruby, black diamond colors look sumptuously.

Velvet is beautiful itself, therefore a dress from this fabric can not have an additional decor, but, at the same time, look great. However, designers often use a variety of décor to diversify models.

Especially often, lace is applied as the decoration of a velvet dress. Lace braid can be used to frame the cutout zone, sleeves and hem are decorated with it. Inserts for velvet dresses can be made not only from lace but also from other materials. For example, from satin, chiffon, silk. Sometimes a thin natural skin is used.

An evening velvet dress requires classic high heel shoes. It is not recommended to choose shoes of similar texture, that is, do not buy suede shoes. Matte or varnished leather shoes will look more suitable.

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