Aug 26, 2020
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Sparkly cocktail dresses

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Short cocktail dresses look more impressing if they are made of sparkly fabrics. Embroidered with sequins or paillettes, a short cocktail dress spectacularly opens slender legs. Such dress is well combined with high-heeled shoes. Cocktail dresses are designed to give the image an attractive sexuality. For this reason, it is necessary to choose the models with an open back, sleeveless, with a seductive neckline.

A small black dress made of sparkling knitwear or latex looks gorgeous. Another option – is a small dress-corset: pearl gray, emerald green, silver or gold – in any color is stylish and sexy. The retro style is also not forgotten. One of the variants of this outfit: a gray dress of trapezium shape made of a shiny satin is tightly stretched by a wide black belt of patent leather.

Young girls like bright colors for festive clothes. Short sparkling cocktail dresses are a great opportunity to realize a cheerful palette of your favorite colors. A red-fitting dress with an open back is a self-sufficient option for creating a confident, seductive image.

Lush cocktail dresses are also can be found in the collections of youth fashion. Lush shiny skirts perfectly fit the holiday atmosphere, they are comfortable to wear and look great. Pink and gray – are the shades of the dress, with which lush skirts with a tight top look especially harmoniously.

Short sparkling cocktail dresses should not be avoided by plump girls.


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