May 17, 2021
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Sleeved maxi dress

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Today, sleeved maxi dresses are pleased with their variety. The use of different textiles and the specificity of cuts make it possible to wear the most beautiful sleeved maxi dresses either on a daily basis or for special solemn occasions.

A knitted or woolen black maxi dress with long sleeves of a straight silhouette in combination with shoes will be an excellent alternative to a business suit.

As the advantages of sleeved maxi dresses, one can point out the fact that they perfectly fit women with thick hands. The length of the sleeve, the features of its cut can vary. Depending on the shape of the sleeves, you can visually enlarge the narrow shoulders and mask too wide ones. Closed sleeved maxi dresses allow the girls to look discreet and businesslike. Such models meet the requirements of the dress code of office establishments, so you will not hear criticism from your superiors. In these outfits, you can attend business meetings, because the dress will not become a subject of distraction from the topic of conversation.

Evening sleeved maxi dresses – have become classics long time ago. The simplest single-color models of straight cut, emphasizing the curves of the female body, look solemn and tempting, if a quality fabric is used for their tailoring, and the color is selected in accordance with the color-scheme.

Among the most popular styles are the “fish”, which creates a seductive silhouette of an “hourglass”, and “empire”, emphasizing the decollete zone. In such dresses, you can feel like an unrivaled queen of the evening.

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