Jul 7, 2021
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Semi Formal – 3

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How will you choose your perfect evening gown? Keep a few basic principles in mind to ensure your choice among so many evening dresses is right on target, as exquisite five years from now as it will be tonight. First, one of the best things about formal evening dresses is that some classic styles never lose their appeal. While less formal events follow fickle trends, formal evening gowns tend to aim for timeless elegance. Along these lines, look for classic styles and cuts that maintain their appeal. Can you picture this dress on your favorite rock star right now—and on Greta Garbo or another style from the golden years of Hollywood? If so, it’s probably the kind of evening dress that will always look beautiful. Next, look for designs that flatter both your body and sense of style. If you’re proud of your luxurious curves, look for evening gowns with mermaid cuts that flatter. If you’re slimmer and more athletic, a classic, tailored sheath evening dress can achieve a very feminine profile. How it looks on a model doesn’t matter so much; instead, choose based on your own figure and style. Finally, remember to look for quality. Evening dresses are carefully designed so that each fabric choice, each bead, sequin or other detail, is part of a harmonious whole. From the richest, most luxurious fabrics to the most exquisite silhouettes, our evening gowns are well-made and lovely to look at.


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