Dec 26, 2021
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Red and white wedding dresses

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The styles, cuts, colors of the wedding dresses change every season. At the peak of the popularity of this season, there are colored dresses of various styles, as well as the bride’s white attire, combined with bright details. A bright red belt-bow in combination with a classic white dress emphasizes a slim waist. The white wedding dress plays with new colors when designers use elements of floral decor. 3D flowers of gentle red color, located on embroidered branches, give extraordinary lightness, refinement to the model. Bright red poppies attract attention. Elegant A- silhouette wedding dresses look gorgeous when designers use the red edging – from red to maroon – to emphasize the purity of the white dress. Satin ribbons or embroidered with gold pattern, decorating the top and bottom of the corset skirt, create a unique ensemble. Lush red petticoats that are a few centimeters longer than the dresses are used as wedding attire edging. To complete bride’s image, it is important to choose a proper comfortable wedding shoes. The more red color there is in the dress of the bride, the more neutral should be the tone of the shoe: nude shade perfectly decorates the image of the girl in red and white color. If you prefer a white dress with bright accents – buy shoes that are well combined with the shades of the décor. White shoes will be a universal option for any attire.

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