Apr 22, 2021
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Open back wedding dresses

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Open back wedding dresses suit the girls of any figures if she has a straight posture and a beautiful skin. The degree of openness will depend on the elegance of the back.

A well-chosen dress can work wonders: the shortcomings will be veiled, and the dignity will be underlined.

An open back in the image of the bride – is a seductive grace that certainly will not go unnoticed. And if the bride is a happy owner of a slender back, a “swan” neck and a straight posture, it will be sacrilege to hide such beauty under the dress fabric.

The beauty of the cut should not be hidden behind hair. That’s why it is better to choose an updo. The dress with plunging neckline should fit perfectly in size since the slightest flaw in size will cause wrinkling, which will spoil the whole image. The small size of the dress will look ridiculous.

The back, which is at a time open, but at the same time is hidden behind flowery lace pattern, definitely gives sophistication and tremulous tenderness to the image. Pattern density can be varied, the choice of which is determined by the skin condition and the presence of shoulder and underwear straps.

If you have already decided to draw attention to the back, then its condition has to be perfect. The skin should be clean as a sheet of paper, posture – as a straight line, and the fat on the sides – it is generally impermissible and unacceptable. So think about the need to visit a beautician before the wedding. As you know, the beauty demands victims.

Originality can be manifested in everything, even the shape of the cut out can be extremely unusual. Oval, triangular, rectangular, teardrop, heart and perhaps even asymmetrical.


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