Jul 23, 2020
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One shoulder dresses

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The dresses with one sleeve have been in fashion trends for the last years. Chiffon and silk dresses of this style are in demand in the summer and knit are very popular in the winter. However, these dresses are not suitable for all women and not worn on any occasion. The dress that has only one arm, is referred to asymmetrical dresses. They are chosen mainly for special occasions, as such dresses catch the eye and help to stand out among other beauties. In addition, such original top of the dress shifts the emphasis from the lower part of the figure, what is important in cases if it is imperfect. Most often, the dresses with one sleeve are represented by monophonic models, because even without the bright prints, they are expressive and original. Besides, the multi-colored motif will detract from the interesting cut and affect the contrast with the skin. For the same reason, a minimum decor is used for such models. Thin women should pay attention to fitting dresses, and the plump girls – to the free model. If you have imperfect legs, they can be hidden by a long dress with asymmetric sleeves. Concerning the shoes, choose sandals or shoes. An evening dress of such style is well combined with an open shoe on high heels. If your one shoulder dress is rather laconic and made in one color without much decoration, do not choose too massive accessories in large quantities. Discreet earrings, a bracelet, and a ring will be enough.


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