Apr 16, 2021
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Multi-coloured maxi dress

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A girl in colorful dress – is a true embodiment of femininity. Many well-known designers creating the collection of elegant dresses are inspired by the combination of colors and their harmony. In a multi-colored dress, every girl can feel like a bright, gentle flower. That is why the garment (preferably several variations) should be in each wardrobe. Most often, cheerful, romantic woman choose multi-colored maxi dresses.

There is a common belief that dresses with a colorful pattern are suitable only for slender, graceful girls. In fact, it is quite wrong – multi-colored maxi dress fits any figure, if it is chosen correctly.

Multi-colored maxi dresses can be quite different – it’s an easy sundress, flowing evening gowns or a wedding attire. Such dresses have one definite advantage: they fit everyone. If you are a slim girl, a long skirt emphasizes the elegance of the figure, while plump girls can hide flaws and demonstrate the seductive forms in the most favorable light wearing this kind of dresses. The only exception – a tiny, very low girls: long dresses tend to “conceal” a few centimeters in height, so high-heeled shoes are obligatory in this case!

Lightweight flip-flops or sandals will be an ideal combination to the dress.

Above the multi-colored dress you can throw jeans jacket, leather jacket or a classic coat – it all depends on the overall style of the image. For example, jeans jacket looks more harmonious with a light sundress than with a cocktail dress.

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