May 2, 2021
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Metallic cocktail dresses

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If you want to look stylish at a party, choose a metallic cocktail dress and be in the spotlight. Dense fabrics of gold and metallic colors have adorned fashion shows of world fashion capitals recent years.  Among them, one can find heavy brocade and embossed decor elements, transparent and flying dresses with shiny elements, metallized leather and mosaic elements, beads, and sequins.

Metallic dresses give the mystery and brightness to the image, emphasizing the figure. Metallic cocktail dresses should be chosen very carefully. One should put it on, only if it perfectly fits your figure, because the fabric from which the dress is sewn tightly surrounds the body, thereby emphasizing both advantages and disadvantages.

A deep or a long cut is undesirable as it looks defiant and ambiguous. The dress without unnecessary bared body, with a small cut near the knee, and a modest neckline looks much more pleasant and no less intriguing.

The choice of color depends on the color of your skin. Dark-colored metallic cocktail dresses suit better swarthy and tanned girls. They can choose a whole palette of chocolate shades. The owners of bright skin should pay attention to bright colors, for example, golden, metal shades. But faded colors should be avoided, as they can add to the skin a painful shade.

As the dress is chosen, you should think about the appropriate shoes and accessories to it. A win-win option will be classic black high-heels. The main thing is a sense of proportion. Do not wear flashy and massive accessories. A pair of bracelets and a neat handbag are the best addition for a metallic dress. A fancy hairstyle and bright makeup can spoil the image.

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