Apr 4, 2021
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Long sleeve wedding dresses

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Such wedding dresses are often considered conservative and old-fashioned. However, the latest collection shows an opposite tendency. In modern fashion, a beautiful wedding dress with long sleeves have become a sign of modesty, elegance, brevity. But you can not deny all the refinement and originality of such exquisite garments due to the wide variety of fashionable styles and possible décor. The most elegant and refined apparels are those of neat design. The modesty of the model always add mystery to its owner. In this case, the sleeves play a decorative function rather than functional. Therefore, a wedding dress with long sleeves of lace, tulle, net has become fashionable. The dress itself can be made of a thick fabric. Short sleeves such as flashlight or the ones with décor are considered suitable for straight silhouette. Transparent sleeves – are the best option for the bride’s attire. They are perfectly combined with opaque corset dress, creating the perfect composition. Strict dresses with a closed back will complement the opaque sleeves. Chic fur capes suits perfectly to this apparel. Such models of dresses are ideal for sophisticated and well-built women. They look gorgeous.


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