Mar 30, 2021
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Leo cocktail mini dress

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There is a common belief that leo prints clothes suit everyone and it can be worn by women of any build. In fact, leopard print is very demanding to the women figures. Not everyone dares to wear the leo cocktail mini dress. This attire implies a certain challenge to the surrounding society. Putting such dresses on, you’ll be in the spotlight. If you are the owner of beautiful shoulders, feel free to show them off. To keep the style and do not look ridiculous in the eyes of others, it is necessary to remember that animal leo print must be the only element of the image. Leo cocktail mini dress is one of the most controversial wardrobe articles. Leopard print looks absolutely self-sufficient. That’s why it is important to choose shoes and accessories carefully. Going out for a walk, choose a neat hat with small pent, comfortable shoes and a small handbag on a long stick over your shoulder. Choose natural make-up for and overlapping print manicure. In any case, nails should not be long – it looks vulgar and tasteless. Flowing hair, a ponytail, a small bunch or a snail is the perfect hairstyle for such occasion. Going out on a fiery party, a gorgeous outfit is complemented with the spectacular belt, filled with a bright flower or a large bow. Red high heels and jewelry from natural stones make your outfit more expressive.

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