May 22, 2021
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Lace wedding dresses

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A romantic girl can choose a dress that is entirely made of lace. As a rule, this is a tight-fitting model, so they should be chosen by girls who are confident in the perfectness of their figures.

A wedding dress from Irish lace, in which the bodice is densely woven with a fantasy pattern, and on a skirt flowers and figures are located more freely looks quite unique and marvelous.

If you choose a dress made entirely of lace fabric, then you have to use jewelry at a minimum, because lace should solo in this ensemble. If the veil is planned, then it should not be long, so as not to hide the charm of the dress.

Wedding models with a lace, tightly-fitting corset, and flared multilayer skirt made of translucent fabric look gorgeous. Such a lush and light dress reminds a dress of a princess, so this style is very popular among young brides. If the bride prefers more elegant outfits, then she can choose a dress with a lace bodice and a satin skirt with drapery. This outfit can be sewn with a train.

Wedding dresses with inserts of lace look magnificent. For example, you can sew a fitted dress with a light multilayer skirt and lace belt. If you decorate the belt with shining rhinestones, then the outfit will emphasize the curves of your figure. To this dress, it is necessary to pick up the same sparkling accessories – a bracelet, a pendant for a neck, earrings.


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