Jun 4, 2021
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Hippie wedding dresses

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Hippie wedding dresses are full of the spirit of freedom and romance, they are characterized by hand finishing and the influence of ethnic style. This is the best choice for a confident bride who wants to emphasize her natural beauty and personality during the wedding ceremony.

The shining blue sky and the warm shades of red and orange are reflected in the dresses.

Particular attention is paid to decoration. The floral motifs of a large handmade lace cover the top of the dress and serve as a direct reference to the Aztec theme – sun-like flowers or broad straps that join around the neck like ancient ornaments are made in a recognizable ethnic style. All these details look bold and unusual together, and to make up this image you are to use the most unexpected combination of eye-catching accessories that look quite appropriate.

No only decoration can create the spirit of hippie, but also its implementation. Long thin threads of fringe – are a stunning design step that looks great both on the bodice and on the skirt. This decor is especially impressive in motion, so the wedding dress is ideal for a dynamic and colorful photo shoot.

Airy lightness and negligence, loose hair and eclecticism in the choice of accessories will be a distinctive feature of the bride’s image. A small white bag on a thin strap, repeating the dress decoration can serve as an unusual addition.


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