Jun 8, 2021
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After Prom Style

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Absence of dress-code at the hight school graduation party – is a serious problem, according to annual photos . And even ,it’s not a fault of students , but organizers : have anyone prescribed what to dress ? Few people understand that graduation – Is a serious classical event , and not a masquerade , or repetition of a wedding. So lush dresses as for a princess look absurdly.
It is better not to chose something fashionable exactly at this period of time. So after ten years when looking at your photos , you will think how it was possible to wear this ! For the same reason it’s much better to reject bright make-up and refined haircuts . The main tip of modern fashion – simplicity and style . No need to put an accent on the sexuality , finally , on this party will be present parents and teachers. Emphasize your best sides – youth and naturalness. Here fits the most – cocktail dresses of middle length , maximum ten cms higher than knee. Evening gown is not bad too . But to look younger combine it with flat sole shoes . Choose laconic models of soft fabric without fluffy skirt. And don’t forget about balance – if you show legs, chose closed décolleté , and vice versa .

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After Prom Style

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