Apr 30, 2021
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Halter top cocktail dresses

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Halter top cocktail dresses – are a fashionable model for the upcoming summer season. Open shoulders, accentuated neckline look feminine and sexy, in addition, on a hot day such a model will come in handy.

Currently, there are many variations of halter top cocktail dresses. It can be maxi, short, midi. Its hem often has the shape of a flare, similar to the one that swelled on a famous photo with Marilyn Monroe.  A straight or fitting halter dress also looks stunningly. A halter does not limit the imagination of designers. They create dresses with all possible cuts: round, V-shaped and others. Besides, the strap itself can be made as a one-piece, double, the ends of which are tied on the side or back. Thus, there are plenty of possible variations.

This dress requires attention in terms of choosing underwear, accessories, and shoes:

  1. The bra straps are unacceptable for a self-respecting woman, so for a halter top dress get the bra with cross straps on the chest. A strapless or glued bra will also help you to look perfect.
  2. Designers do not recommend wearing any cervical jewelry with this kind of dress. In this case, it is enough to limit yourself to earrings and a bracelet.
  3. It’s better to choose high heels for halter top cocktail dresses.

Do not forget about the dress code. If you are going to put on such dress for work or a business meeting, think about how you can cover your shoulders. Perhaps, a light jacket or blouse can suit.

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