May 23, 2021
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Graduation dresses for kids

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There are several types of graduation dresses for kids. The most popular are:

The “Princess” dress. This is perhaps the most popular style of elegant graduation dresses for girls. This model is characterized by a tight bodice and lush skirts. The skirt can be multi-layered or have a tulle or organza petticoat.

The bodice of such dress can be quite simple or decorated with embroidery or pawns. But the skirts must be necessarily lush and flying. What concerns the decor, wide belts with bows are often used.

The empire style. The popular version of a children’s graduation dress is an outfit in Empire style. Its distinctive feature is an overstated waist line and a flying free skirt. The dress can be on wide straps or have sleeves-lanterns.

For sewing these models, soft light fabric of pastel colors is used. For decoration, bows, ribbons, artificial flowers are applied.

Models in the form of a trapezoid can be cut off along the waist line or be whole-cut. These dresses have a laconic cut, so they are recommended to be sewn from beautiful textured fabrics. For example, from guipure, jacquard, velvet, brocade. You can also use large decorative details, for example, beautiful brooches in the form of flowers.

Regarding accessories, choose beautiful shoes, and also to make a celebratory hairstyle so as the child could feel like a real princess. It is desirable to use hair accessories – hoops, tiaras, beautiful hair clips. You can use children’s jewelry – beads, bracelets, clips.

You are free to make up the outfit with a beautiful little handbag.


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