May 18, 2021
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Daytime cocktail dresses

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A daytime cocktail dress is something between an evening and an everyday outfit. It must be festive and decorative. But the main thing is not to cross the line of pathos and heaviness. The outfit should match a light and casual atmosphere of the party.

Daytime cocktail dresses have no restrictions in the choice of colors. Here, fabric plays the main role. The fabric from which the outfit is tailed must be of high quality. Thanks to a good textile, the dress will fit well on the figure. Textiles should also look expensive. The best options – are chiffon, satin, silk, guipure, velvet. It is desirable to use plain fabrics. The maxi chiffon models look feminine. Decorative elements should be present in a moderate amount. The abundance of decor is appropriate only in evening and ball dresses. An ideal option – is a cocktail dress with a minimum of decor, complemented by accessories. The dress for the party can be supplemented with costume jewelry, evening dresses are customarily combined with jewelry. The jewelry that you use must be of high quality, stylish and elegant.

Cocktail attire will suit perfectly with sandals on heels. A clutch or a small handbag will also be appropriate in tandem with a cocktail dress. Air hairstyles, weaving, loose and gathered hair – all this will perfectly look in the relaxed atmosphere of the party. You can afford a little brighter makeup than for a day. Do not forget that at the party you will have to communicate with people, that’s why try to choose a slight make-up, but not as expressive as the evening one.

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