Jun 14, 2021
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Cruise Dresses 2

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Strip! Broad and narrow, horizontal and vertical.
The elements in dresses and accessories with marine issues. For example, brooches, steering wheels or buttons with a picture of the armature.
Since the clothes in a nautical style, usually striped, that requires a minimum of accessories.
Now that the basic style rules of the sea was all clear, let’s see what kind of outfits you need to pick up, to look stylish in this manner.

Consider the case of yachting.
A great option – sailor. But an excellent choice will be plain white blouse, shirt or T-shirt. But they can be supplemented with a jacket with stripes. Especially because the sea is cool and extra protection from the cold will not be unnecessary.

Here, diversity is not less. Shorts, slacks, skirts of different lengths. The preferred colors are white, blue and red, well, if this item will be striped.
The most important thing – it’s comfort. And with minimum of elements that you can accidentally catch and spoil the dress. Preferred embodiments are considered to be form-fitting dresses that accentuate your figure and, of course, the presence of the strip and the marine symbols.
Preferable footwear made of fabric , on a white sole. And no heels!
But if you’re just relaxing on the beach, walk a lot, and spend the evening in a restaurant, you can afford a greater variety of clothes.
Do not forget about the marine theme, attire can complement high heels, jacket or cardigan. The main thing is that you feel comfortable.
Especially in the summer, we launched cruise line “Scarlet Sails”, alongside of which are the ideal solution for your holidays. Even if you do not plan on boating, our looks will become an amazing decoration of your style .
You can learn more about our collection in the catalog. We remind , that all clothes we can send to every spot of the word !


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