May 10, 2021
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Colorful wedding dresses

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Just one element is able to turn an ordinary wedding outfit into a trendy and stylish apparel. A color ribbon can be such element. A wide ribbon can be used as a belt that emphasizes a slender waist. The belt can be tied as a lush bow or one can let its ends roll down the skirt.

No less impressive looks wedding dress with colored inserts. For example, if you trim a snow-white dress with colored lace, then the outfit will look very fresh. White dresses with colored wedges or flounces on a skirt look expressive and unusual.

Even more unique look colorful wedding dresses-transformers. These outfits have removable parts that are sewn from a fabric that is different in color and texture from the basic outfit. A bolero or an upper skirt, which can have a long tail can serve as a removable part.

Shoes and other accessories for color wedding dresses should be selected carefully. If you plan to create a monochrome image, then accessories are chosen in the tone of the dress, but they should differ in shade. Color dresses can be worn with shoes of silver or gold color, especially if these colors are present in the decoration. A veil looks good for white dresses with color decoration, but with bright outfits, this accessory is best to avoid. Instead of a veil, you can wear a beautiful tiara or a flowers wreath. Another option is a small hat with a veil.

Jewelry should be selected in accordance with the tone of the attire. Jewelry from gold and yellow metal with stones matches well the models of warm colors. Wedding outfits of a cold shade are supplemented with pearls, silver, and bijouterie made of white metal with colorless crystals.

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