May 6, 2021
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Classic wedding dresses

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Classics is called classics because it is always popular and fashionable. Having made such a choice, the bride can not be afraid that she will look inappropriate or ridiculous, as it may happen if the outfit is non-standard.

A classic wedding dress can be fluffy or not. A fluffy classic dress of the bride is called “princess”. Its main features:

The corset top. The corset can be a separate detail of the outfit, but more often, it stitches together with the skirt. The bodice of such dress is decorated with embroidery, rhinestones, beads, artificial pearls. Shoulders can remain completely bare, but straps are often used. In classic style, the designers can sew a wedding dress with sleeves. It also has a corset top, only the shoulders and arms will be covered. For sewing sleeves and the top of the bodice, lace is often used.

Waistline. In classic attire, the waistline is always emphasized, since the difference between the bodice and the skirt is strongly expressed. The belt, embroidered with beads or pearls is often used. Sometimes the belt is decorated with artificial flowers.

A white classic wedding dress is traditional. This color is symbolic, as it implies the purity and integrity of the bride. However, the snow-white shade does not suit everyone.

The classic length of the wedding dress is maxi reaching the floor. A long skirt can go into a train, but the lack of this detail is not a deviation from the canons.

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