May 3, 2021
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Chinese wedding dresses

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Chinese weddings are deeply rooted in traditions. The traditional color of Chinese wedding dress is red, and white color is not recommended. The red color is used throughout the Asian culture. Red color can be found everywhere – from gifts and invitations to dresses.

A Chinese silk wedding dress is made of red fabric since red is traditionally considered as the color of luck, which scares off evil spirits. In former times, the red veil was part of the bride’s outfit, which covered her face during the holiday. The head of the bride is decorated with flowers or other accessories. Phoenix and the dragon on the silk wedding dress symbolized the harmony of male and female energies.

Tsipao and Cheongsam – are the traditional styles of Chinese wedding dresses.

But Asian wedding dresses also have other styles, taken from such cultures as Mongolian, Taiwanese, Tibetan, and various small groups that inhabit China. Most of these dresses also have a red color.

It is important to note that Chinese wedding dresses are often embroidered with gold, although not every Chinese tailor knows how to work with a gold fabric. For this reason, it is necessary to look for an experienced and reliable master, and only very rich Chinese can afford a real gold embroidery on a wedding dress.

Wedding dresses can be sewn from different fabrics, and even poor Chinese can choose a dress that they can afford.

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