Sep 6, 2021
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Chequered Classic Dresses

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The chequer is a classic fabric’s print. This pattern is considered to be one of the most ancient. The dresses with such print can look either daring or respectable. It can be said for sure, that chequered garment will never be out of fashion.

Due to such popularity of the pattern, any type of clothes is sewn from such fabric. Pants, blouses, dresses, skirts… Such a pattern is popular for business style clothes. The range of chequered dresses is so large that fashionistas can find attire from strict office suit up to an evening chequered attire.

When creating stylish outfits, it is necessary to remember that this print is dominant and self-sufficient. Thus, there is no need to add lots of accessories. What concerns shoes, it all depends on the event and season. Each type of shoes can be suitable but it should be monochromatic so that not to contrast with the dress and look ridiculous.

Chequered Classic Dresses

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