May 28, 2021
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Casual maxi dresses

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The maxi dress is the most controversial outfit that causes conflicting feelings. It would seem that the maximum length hides everything, but at the same time, a woman in a long casual dress excites and worries a lot more men than in a frank mini. For a long time, such length was unjustifiably forgotten, but in recent years, designers have again introduced a cult of a maxi dress.

Long, light, flying, they will create a summer romantic image. In this dress, you will feel comfortable and flying in the summer heat. The properly selected style will emphasize the dignity of the figure, demonstrate personality and hide the flaws. This season, the maxi dresses are not only an evening version but also a casual one. A great variety of styles will allow any girl to find the option. Among the most popular outfits, dresses with pleated skirt, asymmetrical cut. Dresses with a floral print will be particularly relevant.

You can wear such dresses either with sandals and ballet shoes, or shoes with a wedge and fashionable clogs.

Shoes and accessories should be chosen taking into account the features of the figure, the image, and style of the outfit. But there are some rules that should be observed:

For casual maxi dresses, the combinations of a long skirt and a large bag are allowed.

Accessories should be in moderation. For example, a lace maxi dress does not require accessories at all, as it is itself an ornament. But if the dress is monocolored, it is not superfluous to add a belt or large jewelry that will put the accents. Although if you use too many accessories it will look gypsy.


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