Apr 18, 2021
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Camo prom dresses

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The apparel with camouflage coloring suits slender girls because such print visually adds weight. If the dress has buttons or the attire is complemented by a wide belt, the young ladies of low growth should not choose such clothing.

The combination of the shades of green and yellow with gray spots makes the basis of camo prints. The combinations of these colors can be represented by a set of variations where any of the colors will dominate and the other will be used in smaller amounts. Also, camo pattern may be of different lightness.

The best addition to the camouflage pattern is the neutral colors such as gray and brown. The dress with such print can be combined with other garments of gray-brown, gray-white, light brown or sandy colors. Also, denim is well combined with such military print.

Among the bright colors that complement the camouflage print best, one can point out the Tangerine, lime, carrot, lemon or malachite colors. Red would be a successful combination as well. Blackout and bright colors (burgundy, tomato, red) look good with camo pattern, but the pink shades should be avoided.

The dress of camouflage coloring may seem belligerent, so it should be balanced by things that look neutral. A good pair to the camo dress may be the classic coat of gray color, or a black leather jacket, or a knitted jacket. Footwear should demonstrate your femininity, for example, shoes with wedge heels or boots with heels.

Since the camouflage pattern itself is very aggressive, you should be careful when choosing jewelry and accessories to such dress. The girl in a camouflage dress should have minimum of metal accessories. Also, do not wear boots with lacing or sneakers.

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