Apr 24, 2021
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Boho wedding dresses

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Boho wedding dresses are called “bohemian chic”. It is an excellent option to replace a widespread dress in the Greek style and a corset finery.

Putting a Boho dress on, a bride will become the impersonation of grace, romance, femininity. Such dress allows you to choose as the venue of the wedding ceremony a non-standard location such as a house hunter, mill house or an abandoned castle, but not a restaurant or a hotel.

The origin of the bohemian style occurred in the beautiful historic site of Bohemia, which is now part of the Czech Republic. In the French language, the word “bohemiens” is used to call Gypsies living there. Later it was given to the style. The style is characterized by light and flying fabrics, ethnic motifs, flowers as decoration, as well as ruffles and embroidery.

The girl, wearing a beautiful light Boho wedding dress while her holiday creates an image of fragility, fabulousness, and reverie. Eco-friendly natural materials such as cloth linen with ethnic elements, silk, chiffon impress the style.

Boho wedding dresses look gentle, romantic and refined due to its maxi length, lace and exquisite embroidery on cloth.

Particular attention should be given to the choice of accessories and jewelry: hand-made bracelets, bright beads, and big brooches.

What concern hairstyle, Bohemian chic does not require complicated, rigor and ideal hairstyle, but deliberate and slightly negligent. You can also make a braid (one or two), focusing on the weak netting.

Decorate wedding hairstyle in bohemian style with a wreath of fresh colorful flowers or a lush flower; feathers; multicolored ribbons; metal pendants with stones.

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