Jun 3, 2021
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Bohemian style

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Bohemian style of clothes is characterized by a certain proportion of negligence, preference is given to clothes of free cut and a mixture of styles (eclecticism). To combine the apparel in this style properly, you need a good sense of taste and measure.

Bohemian style dresses are usually loose, flowing, often have a vintage or ethnic print such as paisley or icat. Often, the bohemian style includes patterns with different kaleidoscopic patterns (psychedelic prints). Bohemian dresses range from tunics to maxi, from strapless dresses to kimonos. And they are all ideal for creating a beautiful, laid-back fashionable style. The dress in the bohemian style transforms the woman, giving her tenderness and femininity. You can find a variety of dresses that will help you to determine your own style.

Update and improve your outfit, mixing and combining bohemia with fashion. Combine the dress with something modern and typical for you.

If you prefer a classic style – choose classic accessories and clothing. For example, put on a blazer and a pearl ring in addition to a bohemian dress.

If you are a fashionista, add a leather jacket and platform shoes to the bohemian dress. Or add spikes and chains.

Whatever you choose, remember, in order to achieve the style of bohemian chic, you must maintain a balance between clothing and details.



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