Apr 15, 2021
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Armani evening dresses

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Today it is difficult to find someone who has not heard the name of Giorgio Armani. Clothing, home furnishings, jewelry – everything that the hand of the famous Italian designer touches, is transformed into a masterpiece that embodies the charm, style, and elegance.

Italian fashion designer believes that the style – is a real luxury, moreover every person regardless of material wealth can afford it. Armani in his interviews repeatedly said that clothes should decorate humans. Supposedly, it is this motto due to which he has achieved such a fantastic success. The style of the dresses, as well as other items of clothing, varies from one collection to another. Every time there is something new and interesting. Thus, remaining true to himself and maintaining the style, he doesn’t become dull. What concerns fabrics, the latest couture collection represents the silk evening dresses whose colors shimmer from pink-beige tones to blue-purple and black. The originality of some models is emphasized with the help of the pearl effect. Also, the combination of contrasting texture fabrics was actively used, for example, velvet and silk. The number of veils that Armani used not only for the combination with evening dresses but also with other clothing items draws attention. Nowadays, many say that thanks to the latest collection of Armani Prive veil was again revived from an unjustly forgotten accessory.

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